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Projects & Games in Development

Download the latest versions for free and tell me where I'm going wrong!






Coming Soonish

Dragon vs Gun

The battle of Elsewhere

Chaos clashes with order in this dramatic tarot driven RPG.

Pick your saviour - magic or science.





Contenders: Golden Age

Revised card RPG edition,  with an official Contenders deck, how cool will that be?



Swords of the Skull Takers

A solo RPG of survival horror. With only your journal to keep you sane how long can you last?

Playtest version 0.3

Actual play: JC, Russ

Copyright infringed by Gregor!


Pumpkin Bomb

Play both Heroes and Villains as they go head to head in this RPG of super vendettas.

Playtest version 0.2






Narrative campaign system.

Playtest version 1.6 .doc



Card based fantasy battle game.

Ready for beta testing - drop me a line if interested.


Card & board-games


Dangerous Duellists


Dungeons of Darkness


Munch-Mausen Tales

A role-playing diversion of rambunctious rats, rapier retorts and romantic rivalry. 



My God's Bigger Than Your God

A story game of religious intolerance and competing faiths.



Alien Hominids

The 100% unofficial RPG - based on the award winning video game by The Behemoth.



Gangs at War

Vie for control of the drug trade in this tactical story-game.


  Theory (Eeek)

The FUNnel model   

Game design

Legend of the four things