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Swansong - Shadow of the Prince of Darkness



Players: 2 - 7

Age: 13+

System: Tarot

Genre: Any (Fantasy)

Pages: 48

Price: 8 Book / 4 PDF



A Tarot Fuelled Fantasy System


Swansong is a generic role-playing system designed to provide you with a robust story engine.


The free flowing magic system make it especially suited to fantasy or superhero genres.


Your campaign will focus on the player characters' unfolding stories, as they dwell under the shadow of the Prince of Darkness. If they prove worthy they may pass cosmic judgement and seek out the Prince.


And if they should falter - It will be their swansong.


Battles are fraught with risk and reversals of fortune, with inter-player psychology as decisive as a meaty stat line.


Swansong incorporates a Celtic cross scenario generator, giving you the means of  creating countless RPG plots - as well as providing an introduction to reading the Tarot.





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