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Current Games


Eternal Contenders

A GMless Story-Game of Pain & Steel, Blood and Glory.

The evolution of Contenders casts the players as fantastical gladiators, striving for hope in a desolate land.

Available from Chronicle City

Hell 4 Leather


 A Tarot Fuelled RPG of Supernatural Revenge.


One vengeful revenant, a treacherous biker gang and a deal with the devil...



A Role-Playing Game of Blood & Sweat, Pain & Hope

This award winning game immerses you in the grit and grime of the boxing world.

Can your fighter find the hope and confidence needed to become a legend?

Or is he destined to be dragged down into a pit of pain and despair?

Labyrinths & Lycanthropes

To Loot & Legends!

A game like no other - play badass adventurers, penetrate dread Labyrinths, meet interesting creatures and kill  them.

Madcap dungeon bashing has never been this much fun!


Piledrivers & Powerbombs : Chokeslam of Darkness

A no-holds barred RPG of ferocious feuds and gargantuan grudges!

Create a superstar and step into the ring - if you dare...

Battle cleanly and win the crowd's approval - or fight dirty to achieve victory!

Have you got what it takes to become the undisputed champion of the world?



Swansong : Shadow of the Prince of Darkness

A fantasy RPG of Epic Narrative and the Tarot

Harness the narrative power of the tarot with this role-playing engine.

Can the player characters pass cosmic judgement and defeat the Prince of Darkness?



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