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Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale



Greetings grapple fans – welcome to the main event.

This lightning fast card game brings all the thrills and spills of the wrasslin’ ring into the palm of your hand.

Choose from nine badass ring warriors and act out their persona as you taunt your way to victory!

Punish friends and family with spine-shattering suplexes, bone-breaking backdrops and powerful piledrivers.

Utilise special skills, double-team assaults, run-ins and lethal foreign objects to give you that competitive edge.

Are you ready for the high octane action of Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale!?!


Players: 2 - 6          

Age: 10+

Playing time: 20 mins

Format: 64 card deck

Cost: £9.99


Download the rules (pdf) for free

US customers can also order direct from The Game Crafter, for a mere $13.99!